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YORKIE PUPPY DESCRIPTION : The Yorkie puppy  is a long-haired toy terrier whose blue and tan coat is parted on the face and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail and hangs evenly and quite straight down each side of the body. The Yorkie puppy  is one of the world's smallest dogs and should not exceed 7 lbs in weight. The Yorkie puppy  may be tiny but is a big-dog in a little-dog package. A newborn Yorkie puppy  is born black in color with tan on the eyebrow, jaws, chest and feet. They are fully mature in two years. The Yorkshire Terrier puppy  is compact in size, sweet in nature and cheerful in character.   Yorkie Height: 6 - 9 inches Yorkie Weight: 3 - 7 lbs  Colors of the Yorkie puppies: Dark steel blue from back of head to root of their tail. Face, chest and feet are bright tan.  Yorkie puppy  Coat: Glossy, fine and silky.  Yorkie puppies Temperament: The Yorkshire Terrier puppy  is intelligent, confident, affectionate, lively, brave and spirited.  Yorkie puppies With Children: Yes, does best with an only child and no roughhousing or hectic activity.   Yorkie With Pets: Yes, the Yorkshire Terrier should be even tempered and co-exist peacefully with other breeds. Special Skills: Rat catcher and family pet.  Yorkie Terrier puppies Care and Training: Frequently daily brushing will keep the coat of the in beautiful condition. The Yorkie puppy  does best when some type of exercise is given, though it need not be special. A romp through an apartment or house will suffice. Extra care must be taken for the Yorkshire Terrier in cold or bad weather.   Learning Rate: High, easily trained but be careful not to spoil. Obedience learning is medium to low.  Yorkie  puppy Activity: Very High   Yorkshire Terrier puppies Living Environment: Apartment, house, urban or rural living.   Yorkie Health Issues: Eye irritations, patella luxation, premature dental disease and some puppies are born with open fontanels.  Yorkshire Terrier Country of Origin: Great Britain   Yorkie History: The Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) became a fashionable pet in the late Victorian era in Yorkshire, England. It is said that they were bred from the Manchester Terrier, Skye Terrier, Maltese, Paisley and Clydesdale Terrier. The Yorkie made their appearance in the United States in the early 1870s and today have become one of the most popular toy breeds.


Because of the Yorkie puppy lively personalities, Yorkie puppy usually get along well with most other animals in the household.   But do remember that your Yorkie puppy will probably be the smallest Yorkie puppy in the home and you may need to supervise a rambunctious larger Yorkie puppy closely when playing with a Yorkie puppy.   On the lead in a strange environment, a Yorkie puppy will more often than not hove no fear approaching the larger Yorkie puppy.  Do be careful, as these larger Yorkie puppy may not return the affection.

Yorkie puppy will get along well with cats in the household, but care must be taken with cats as well.   A cat may choose to use her claws in play, which can cause severed damage to the eyes of the tiny Yorkie puppy.   Older cats sometimes need to be watched closely with new Yorkie puppy as they can consider them prey, much like small rodent.  As the Yorkie puppy matures and knows how to approach the cat this problem should be alleviated.




Yorkie Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier female  - This cute playful  female Yorkie. She would make someone a very good pet.  Bella is an amazing doll.






Yorkie Puppy - Annie

She is a beautiful Yorkie that has a lovely face. She has beautiful coat as well. She is AKC and is guaranteed.

Yorkie Puppy-  Mary

Mary is an adorable Yorkie puppy. She is approximately 10 weeks of age.   This Yorkie puppy loves to be held.






Yorkie Puppy- Samantha

Samantha is loves to run and play. She is a very active little yorkie.  She loves other puppies too. She is a really fun puppy.






Yorkie Puppy-    Peanut Boy

Peanut Boy is a very smart puppy.   He is super entertaining and funny.    This yorkie loves to play with other puppies.  He will make you smile.





Yorkie Puppy-   Amber

Amber is just a super adorable pooch.   She loves to sit next to people and loves to be held.   Amber eats on her own and she is an amazing Yorkie puppy.    She is ready to go.



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